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Friends of ChristChurch

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Friends of Christchurch,   Grantham
The Wesleyan (Methodist) Church building which now stands in Finkin Street, Grantham, was originally built in the middle of the 19th century. Since such time the Church Building became a Grade II listed building in 1950. Further additions have been added.
In 2008 the congregation of the Central Methodist Church , Finkin Street Grantham, joined with the congregation of St Peters Hill United Reformed Church, Castlegate. Grantham to form an L.E.P ChristChurch, Grantham. A decision was then taken in April 2011 to keep the Methodist premises on Finkin Street and sell the URC premises on Castlegate. The Church is now developing its premises on Finkin Street to further its Mission and Community impact in the centrre of Grantham.
We want you to feel part of our Church family. Many Churches have a 'Friends' organisation to help them with the financing of projects and although this would be a facet of our friends, our main concern is to keep in touch with, and minister to, and include in our Church life, those we concider to be our large extended family.
For more information please contact:
Mr Denhys Lambly
Friends of ChristChurch
15 Vivian Close
Lincs. NG31 8JN
Telephone: 01476 401185
What do we offer our Friends?
An opportunity to become involved
in the life of ChristChurch
Invitations to special events, social gatherings
Receive Monthly Church Magazine
Subscription Rates
                                    Amount           Other Amount
Single (Year)                £10 pa                        £
Joint Family (Year)      £ 20                             £
Single (Life)                 £200                            £
Joint Family (Life)       £300                            £
Organisation              £ 50 minimum           £
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