Messy Church Photographs

Connor Family  (1).jpg
The Connor Family

          Messy Church

        Messy Easter

Immogen Keithley .jpg
Immogen Keighley
MC bags ready to go out .jpg
M.C bags ready to go out
Remberance Garden .jpg
Remembrance Garden
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Coyne Grandchildren jpg (1).jpg
The Coyne Grandchildren
Saturday 3rd April - Messy Church volunteers prepared a splendid afternoon of  fun for the Church youngsters. Because of the need for social distancing, this event was held in the Sanctuary where individual family groups could remain separate from one another.
Isabel and mum jpg.jpg
Isobel and Mum
Ready for Sunday jpg.jpg
Ready for Sunday
Lovely MC Easter hats.jpg
Lovely M.C Easter Hats
whole church .jpg
Whole Church
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What is Messy Church?