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Welcome to ChristChurch
A  Town Centre Church in Grantham

Live Worship from 10-30am 
and 6-00pm


Welcome, and thank you for visiting  ChristChurch online. Our website highlights the wide variety of  worship, fellowship and service  opportunities available. Please feel free  to read more about our church on this site, or come in for a visit,  We would love to greet you and share with you our love for Jesus Christ and for you, our neighbour.                          

Christchurch is a local Ecumenical  Partnership (LEP) created when the     Methodist and United Reformed Churches in Grantham town centre  joined together in 2008.
Our Mission is to serve the people of Grantham and  District and to give Christian help to the community in general.                               
If you would like to know more of what  we are doing, please click on the  'Vision' tab and  two drop down pages.                   
Please see page  (Gifting  in the menu:
A new way to donate to our Church 
Many Thanks to Susan Sulston for her many years 
service as Secretary at ChristChurch.

The Revd Dr Peter Stevenson

 If you are unable to attend live worship, we are now live Streaming.
  By clicking on the 'join us' button below you will access the ChristChurch webpage. here you can  view the Sunday Service live, or at anytime afterwards

Sunday Service times:
10-30am and 6-00pm

St Georges Day celebration Lunch
438239542_2327498407582236_7143552228242177506_n Morris.jpg
438161438_1819458575217814_8526404342023851795_n Morris 2.jpg
438657112_10160509681522061_6075900178234565244_n Morris3.jpg
438676454_10160509681402061_8666487926267977527_n Morris 4.jpg
438806012_10160509681472061_51424519401583831_n Morris 6.jpg
438807929_10160509681372061_5487990124169240492_n Morris 5.jpg
IMG-0529 (2).jpg

Just a few of the many crafts on show at 
ChristChurch Heritage Open Day

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