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Live Worship from 10-30am 
and 6-00pm

Welcome to ChristChurch
A  Town Centre Church in Grantham


You will no longer be required to social distance, but we ask that you continue to sanitise your hands whilst inside the building.

The Revd Dr Peter Stevenson


Welcome, and thank you for visiting  ChristChurch online. Our website highlights the wide variety of  worship, fellowship and service  opportunities available. Please feel free  to read more about our church on this site, or come in for a visit,  We would love to greet you and share with you our love for Jesus Christ and for you, our neighbour.                          

Christchurch is a local Ecumenical  Partnership (LEP) created when the     Methodist and United Reformed Churches in Grantham town centre  joined together in 2008.
Our Mission is to serve the people of Grantham and  District and to give Christian help to the community in general.                               
If you would like to know more of what  we are doing, please click on the  'Vision' tab and  two drop down pages.                   
 If you are unable to attend live worship, we are now live Streaming.
  By clicking on the 'join us' button below you will access the ChristChurch webpage. here you can  view the Sunday Service live, or at anytime afterwards

Please see menu for more activities.                                                        
Please see page  (Gifting  in the menu:
A new way to donate to our Church 

Select 'more'  then Gallery to see photographs of recent event's 

IMG-0169 In Voice.jpg
Many Thanks to  'In Voice'  for an afternoon of brilliant entertainment
IMG-0130 (2)_01.JPG

Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday
Many Thanks to June , Pauline, Jean B and everyone who volunteered.
Great Pancakes as usual.

IMG-0127 (2)_01.JPG
IMG-0121 (2)_01.JPG
2 video clips from our Burns Celebrations on Wednesday.

Many Thanks to Jean Beckenridge, June Ruddock and the Revd Pete for organising this wonderful event

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